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Comfort Fetcher provides a wide range of HVAC equipment from suppliers we know and trust, and we’ve taken care to select the best equipment for our customers.

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We draw on decades of combined HVAC experience to deliver the best products and the best value to our customers. At Comfort Fetcher, you can find exactly what you’re looking for, whether you’re replacing a home air conditioner or need heat pumps and air handlers for your commercial building. We bring the best in environmental comfort straight to you.

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Air Conditioning

Looking to cool things down around the house? These air conditioners are great for those hot Philadelphia summers.

  • 13 SEER (Builders)
  • 14 SEER

Air Conditioning Packaged Units

  • 14 SEER (Builders)
  • 15 SEER

Heat Pumps

These unique heating systems pull heat directly from the outside air, even in the cold! They can be a great alternative to traditional furnaces or electric heating systems, and some units can even be used to cool a home too.

  • 14 SEER (Builders)
  • 15 SEER

Heat Pump Packaged Units

  • 14 SEER (Builders)
  • 15 SEER


These are your traditional heating systems, and they do a great job heating your home. If a dedicated furnace is right for you, consider one of these models.

80% Furnaces

  • Multi-Speed (Builders)
  • Constant Torque / 2-Stage
  • Variable Speed / 2-Stage

90% Furnaces

  • Multi-Speed (Builders)
  • Constant Torque / 2-Stage
  • Variable Speed / 2-Stage

Air Handlers

Looking for commercial and large-volume solutions? Air handlers might be the perfect fit for your office or retail space. We offer a wide range of air handling equipment.

  • Multi-Speed (Builders)
  • Constant Torque
  • Variable Speed
  • Electric Heat Kits


Ductless mini-split systems are the newest trend in home heating and cooling. These systems can be mounted anywhere, and can provide conditioned air even in places your home’s ductwork can’t reach.

Evaporator Coils

  • Vertical / Upflow / Downflow
  • Horizontal

Installation Kits

  • Evaporator Kit
  • 80% Furnace Kit
  • 90% Furnace Kit
  • Air Conditioning Kit
  • Heat Pump Kit
  • Packaged Unit Kit

Gas Packaged Units

  • 14 SEER (Builders)
  • 15 SEER

About Manufacturers

Want to know what makes our equipment manufacturers great? Here’s a rundown on the people we trust to make truly great equipment we can stand behind.


Want to learn more about how HVAC systems work? Need to calculate the right unit size for your home? Confused about the difference between furnaces and heat pumps? Find it all right here on our E-Learn site.

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Real Estate Agents

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