Purchase an HVAC System Installation In 15 Minutes or Less



Why should I use Comfort Fetcher to buy heating and cooling equipment?

In our experience, today’s customers want to take part in the process of researching and choosing heating and cooling equipment on their own. They want to know that they’re receiving a system that fits their needs and expectations while looking for a great value, too.

That’s why we started Comfort Fetcher. In the past, our industry has relied on contractor recommendations, only offering a few potential choices. Now, you get to pick the equipment you want from a wide range of excellent products to create the perfect fit for your home, and you can rest easy knowing that they’ll be installed professionally.

What are some of the benefits Comfort Fetcher provides?

Comfort Fetcher is breaking new ground in the HVAC world with online shopping. Why shouldn’t replacing a heating and air system be like buying something at the store, or through an online marketplace? The industry needs disruption, and we’re here to disrupt it with lower prices and better service than other HVAC companies.

Why Can’t I Just Buy a Unit from the Manufacturer, or at a Big Box Store?

Climate control systems are big, complex things that are often only sold through licensed HVAC technicians and service companies. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to choose the make and model yourself. We make that process easy, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, and let us handle the rest.

Why We’re Different

At Comfort Fetcher, we’re trying something new. We sell these systems directly to our online customers, and our trained, licensed and insured service partners install them as part of the package deal. We outline exactly what you can expect to pay up front, so there are no surprises, and no hidden costs or strings attached. We believe you know what you want, and we know how to give it to you for less than the other guys.

For more information, take a look at our About Us page and check out our five-point service guarantee.